Top Tips on Having a Fantastic Bowling Party

Top Tips on Having a Fantastic Bowling Party

Even if you’re new to bowling in general, it doesn’t take long to realize that bowling parties are a thing. Check out any good bowling center, and you’ll usually find rates and offers for bowling party packages.

Try to find a Dave & Buster’s bowling alley, and it offers many different packages for kids’ birthday parties, company events (including virtual team building), holiday parties, and many other bowling parties for adults.

That’s to say, it’s a trend that will never end, not while there are millions of people who enjoy the game. In fact, holding bowling parties for occasions such as birthdays keep the interest in bowling going, from one generation to the next. Have corporate bowling parties, and the new generation of employees learn to love the game that their superiors might play on a regular basis. It’s like golf, but cheaper.

But not all bowling parties are enjoyable, so here are the tips that will help make sure that everyone has a good time at your bowling party:

Go with the Party Packages

This is probably the best move if you’re new to holding bowling parties. That’s because these packages tend to think of various details you might not even consider. These include shoe rentals, and making sure you have enough room and lanes for your guests.

These packages also tend to include food and drinks, and that’s another detail you won’t have to take care of yourself. And find places that are actually festive, so your party has great mood lighting, interesting décor, and excellent music.

Have the Party on a Weeknight

Many bowling alleys don’t really offer parties on weekends, because these are the days and nights when they’re usually busy and full. And even if they do offer weekend parties, it will be very expensive.

It’s better if you just have the party on a weeknight. That way, the place earns money and you won’t have to pay a lot. Even if you don’t get a party package and just get a few lanes for your exclusive use, this is more likely on weeknights.

Go with a Versatile Bowling Alley

That’s to say, you should hold your bowling party where bowling isn’t the only activity. That’s because some people might not actually want to bowl all night, and the party night fizzle out when people start to get bored.

So, find a place that offers plenty of different entertainment options. The best places tend to offer arcade games for kids, and you need lots of different games when you have plenty of kids attending. Bumper cars are also very popular.

The adults might like a game of pool, so see if you can have several pool tables available. Other options include darts, ping pong, and maybe even karaoke rooms.

Check Out the Food

Obviously, you want a bowling alley with a decent kitchen, or preferably a restaurant. That way, you have more food options than the usual pub fare you enjoy on regular bowling alley occasions. And the quality counts as well.

Don’t forget that a good party also includes good drinks. That usually includes alcohol when adults are around. Try places with better drink options, such as excellent cocktails and craft beer.

Gift Openings

It’s up to you whether or not you want the birthday celebrant to open their birthday gifts right there in the bowling alley. But keep in mind that some places don’t allow this in their premises. So, pick a place that allows this, or just have the gift opening part at home.

Party Favors

The party package might include this feature. If it doesn’t, you might want to deal with it yourself. Lots of kids love these party favors, so don’t forget!

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