What to Focus On When You’re Learning to Bowl

What to Focus On When You’re Learning to Bowl

Bowling seems like a fun game, and that’s not just true in the movies, either. Visit a Brunswick’s bowling center and you’ll understand this right away. It’s not just a game, but an experience. That’s especially true with the mood lighting, quirky décor, fun party music, and the yummy comfort food.

But the game itself does need some time and effort to learn before you can even think about laying numerous strikes in a row.

What to Focus On

As you play the game and watch more experienced players, take note of the following aspects:

Ball Speed

Take note of how fast the ball should travel, so you know just how much force you need to set on the ball. A ball that’s too slow will most likely get to its hook phase too soon for best results. But if the ball is too fast, the hook phase might set too far in the lane.


Watch the footwork of more experienced players, and practice their footwork on your own. This is a foundational skill of the game, as it affects just about all the other aspects of bowling. It has to become second nature for you.


You have to coordinate your arm swing with your footwork as you approach the foul line. Again, you have to get the timing right, and that means watching the other players and practicing what they’re doing in terms of timing.


This is about when you release the ball into a roll down the lane. When you get your timing right, and synchronize your footwork and arm coordination, you should be releasing the ball at your ankle. Release the ball too late, and you’re hurling and bouncing the ball down the lane.


This is about the skid of the bowling ball on the front end of the lane, before it starts to change direction. Your delivery style will determine this skid, and you will have to experiment with your own delivery style to get you the results you want.

Additional Tips

Here are some tips that can help you learn the game faster as you get better scores and results:

  • Don’t loft the ball, as if you’re throwing a softball pitch. To prevent this, you have to make sure you’ve fitted the ball properly to your hand.
  • Don’t drop the ball. Instead, release the ball on your last step, as your foot starts to slide.
  • Hold the ball a little bit to the side before you start your swing. When you hold your bowling arm to the side, then your swing moves straight backward and forward. But if you hold the ball right in front of your chest, you’ll still have to move it to the side before the swing, and this will have a negative effect on your accuracy.
  • Practice before you actually release the ball so you can get consistent footwork. You’re trying to avoid inconsistent footwork, known as “drifting”. You’ll end up sliding at different places at the foul line for each shot, so that’s not exactly recommended.

Of course, just keep playing. Practice makes perfect, and there’s no denying that practice in bowling is always fun!

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