Bowling Isn’t Just The Body In Motion

In fact, bowling is also the mind in reflection! This is because bowling, like all other sports, involves a mind-and-body connection that the best athletes have mastered. As the body moves in space, so does the mind in synchronization.

But getting the mind-body connection isn’t easy. Like any athletic skill, it’s one that must be practiced over and over again, as well as practiced with every throw.  Here are a few things that you should know about it.

Practice As If You’re In a Competition

Don’t get into the mindset that it’s just practice. You will find, sadly, that your poor bowling habits will be carried into competition – and that’s something that you don’t want to happen! You have to make every throw as if you’re in a competition, if not with others, then with yourself.

This isn’t just about mind control but building muscle memory, too. With constant practice of the proper technique, your mind and body works in sync so that your chances of getting perfect scores at Red Rock can increase.

Use Visualization

The best athletes say that they use visualization, or mental imaging, in their movements. Even before they make the throw, for example, they already have a crystal-clear vision of themselves successfully making it.

You can make your own image, too, before each throw. You can envision up to the small details, such as the position of your arms and feet, as well as the outcome – in this case, all the pins coming down. You should also think positive thoughts and affirm your action because you should be your best cheerleader.  

Visualization is a great tool for bowlers because it develops the mind-body connection. Even as your mind (i.e., brain) makes an image, your body can follow it.

You may also create a few habits that add to the clarity of the image. You can, for example, take a few deep breaths, wipe your ball, and get a feel for it for a few seconds before making your approach.

Know Your Game

Nobody should know what your game is as well as you do. If somebody else knows it, then you may be in trouble as it can be used against you. Bowling is a psych war, too, and it pays to keep your cards close to your heart, so to speak.

You have to observe yourself in various situations. Do you become frustrated with the first failed shot? Do you grip the ball too tightly when you’re stressed? The more you know your own game, the more you can make adjustments so that you become a better bowler. 

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