How to Convince Your Friends to Play Bowling

How to Convince Your Friends to Play Bowling

Among a lot of indoor sports, bowling stands out as among the most popular. Around 120 million people in the world go bowling at least once a year, and these bowlers are spread out across almost a hundred countries. But there’s no doubt that the US is where the sport is most popular, as it is home to almost 70 million of these bowlers.

But it’s very possible that you might be an avid bowling fan and you have friends (probably new friends) who don’t play regularly or never even have played before. If that situation comes up, it’s your solemn duty to convince these people to take up bowling.

And these are the reasons that can bolster your argument:

It’s Fun and Great for Socializing

Bowling is so good for social gatherings that there are birthday parties and office parties centered around bowling. It’s a relaxed sport that lets you meet up with old friends even as you make new friends.

When you bowl, you have lots of time to sit back and relax, talk to your other friends, and eat and drink before it’s your turn again. This happens during the game, so there’s no continuous play. You can’t do that with many other sports. Just relax and drink beer while you share jokes with your buddies, and then take your shot when it’s your turn.

It Works for Everyone

You don’t have to be a particular body type to play. You can be super-skinny, but you just need a lightweight ball to start out. Or you can be a bit chubby, but that won’t stop you from playing well. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, or you’re tall or short. Even young kids can play.

It’s Very Affordable

Yes, if you really take the game seriously, the costs (especially for various accessories) can rack up. But even then, it’s not as expensive as other sports such as golf.

And if you’re just a casual player on weekends, it’s certainly not going to be expensive at all. At places such as Bowlero, games even on Saturday nights (the busiest time of the week) won’t cost you more than $13 per game. That includes shoe rental as well.

And if you play on weekdays, it’s even cheaper. On Mondays, it costs a total of less than $9. In fact, Bowlero even offers a Monday Mayhem Special. You only pay $13.19 per person, and you get unlimited bowling and shoe rental, some free food and drinks, and even discounts at the arcade.

Bowling alleys are also all over the country, and many of them are geared towards either adults who like to drink beer, or towards families who like to play together.

It Qualifies as a Workout

Yes, it’s a very mild workout, and it doesn’t really compare with HIIT or CrossFit. But you’re working muscles in your arms, back, and legs, while you get your heart rate going. And you even burn maybe 250 calories an hour. What’s more, it’s a low-impact game with minimal chances of injuries.

It’s Great for Stress Relief

Sure, part of it is that you’re able to relax with your buddies as you try out the beer and the chow. But it’s a very competitive sport that can help you forget your other worries. It forces you to focus on the game.

What’s more, there’s an undeniable meditative aspect to bowling. It’s actually quite zen.

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