Great Bowling Alleys in LA

Great Bowling Alleys in LA

If you’re a bowling enthusiast and you’re in LA, then you’re actually in luck. Here are some places that you should visit to satisfy your bowling craving:

Lucky Strike at LA Live

The place offers a somewhat steampunk vibe, along with 18 premium bowling lanes. You get lots of screens for various sports viewing, along with some live music and fantastic pub food.

If you want a bit more privacy, there’s the luxury suite. You get your own space with 4 bowling lanes and a couple of billiards tables, along with your own private bar.

Highland Park Bowl

This is the restored version of the oldest bowling alley in LA, so you’re getting that distinct Prohibition vibes of the 1920s. The place features a dining area with great food, a bit of space reserved for some live music, and various bars as well. After all, Prohibition is all done.

The place is super popular, so you might want to get your reservation for a lane. Then try their food, starting with the pepperoni pizza and the Bowl Burger.

The Spare Room

This is a gaming parlor and a cocktail lounge, which you can find in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. If you’re looking for some bowling action, then come early or make a reservation, as the place only features 2 bowling lanes. Basically, it’s a cocktail bar with the 2 bowling lanes as a side attraction.

The main attraction is actually the overall atmosphere of the place, along with the excellent cocktails that cost $18 each. Try the Player 001 (cucumber vodka, soju, dry vermouth, kimchi) or you might want to go for the Bunny’s Revenge (whiskey, Mr. Black coffee liqueur, coconut corn milk, nutmeg, popcorn).

Shatto 39 Lanes

Try this place if you’re ever in Koreatown. It’s a real bowling alley, since it has 39 lanes to offer. But that’s not all you can find here. There are billiards tables as well, along with some arcade games and a bar.

For bowling fans, the leagues should offer a lot of fun. There’s a weekly league every Tuesday night, which lasts for 17 weeks. Then there’s also the Wednesday Mix4, which is a really old league that started way back in the 1980s. It involves up to 64 bowlers per week.

Punch Bowl Social

This is a great place to get a buddy to love bowling as you do. It features 4 bowling lanes, but they also have 2 mini-bowling lanes if you want your buddy to start slow.

There’s really no way to get bored here. Besides bowling, you and your buddies can play various pub games like darts, pinball, or cornhole. There’s even a karaoke room, which you might want to try. Lots of people get the nerve for some singing after a few of the terrific cocktails.

Winnetka Bowl

Who says a night of bowling has to be expensive? Not the folks at Winnetka Bowl, which charge only $4 per game or $25 per hour on weekdays from 9AM to 5PM.

Aside from bowling, you can also go play on the billiards table. There are arcade games as well, and it’s only 50¢ per game. This is one place where you can really stretch your money!


Someone once joked that this is the best bowling alley in LA for those who don’t really love bowling all that much. So, you can come here if a single game of bowling is enough for you, since you can do many other things afterwards.

The place features more than 80 arcade games to really help you spend time having mindless fun. Or you can go play billiards. There’s a sports bar as well, with 11 LED TVs and 3 huge projectors for some live sports viewing.

Lucky Strike LA Live

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