7 Health Benefits of Bowling

If you ask those at Round 1 why they play, you’ll get a wide range of answers. It’s fun, relaxing, addictive or they like its competitive nature. But bowling also offers several health benefits.

Builds Up Muscles

Lifting those bowling balls and swinging works out your arms, legs, shoulders and wrist. Your lower body gets toned, plus the pivoting and squatting strengthens your legs and feet.

Greater Balance and Flexibility

This is a game that requires you to stretch, twist and lunge. The more you do this the more flexible your body becomes. As you practice throwing the ball, you’ll develop greater balance, something that should prove useful in other situations.

Cardio Benefits

Did you know that on a typical bowling session, you’ll walk 60 feet for each turn? In a 3 game series that is 6/10 of a mile. Bowl for an hour and you’ll burn 240 calories, equal to the amount you’ll burn jumping rope for 25 minutes. So you burn calories, improve blood circulation and heart rate, and it is not as taxing as skipping rope.

A Burst of Energy

Bowling may be seen as leisure activity, but it can be competitive. You’ll also feel the energy as you watch that ball strike the pins. You’ll be pumped up no question, but this adrenaline surge is healthy and good for your body.

Low Risk

Compared to other sports and games, you’re less likely to get injured in bowling. It isn’t hard on your knees and joints either. Adults play this game to relieve tension, but it is just as enjoyable for kids and senior citizens.

If you’re recovering from an injury and working your way slowly back into shape, bowling is a good option.

Good for Socializing

Bowling with friends and family provides you with an opportunity to bond. You get the same benefits when playing with colleagues, and meet new friends if playing in a tournament.

Cool Down

Tired of working all day? Had a rough time at the office? No problem, just head over to your favorite bowling alley and relax. You might be surprised at how effective the sport can be in this regard.


Sure, bowling is fun and it’s a great way to spend time with friends. But as has been pointed out here, there is a lot more to bowling than just a game. As you play you’ll reap the health benefits and feel better for it.

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