Tips to Help Your Kids Learn Bowling

Tips to Help Your Kids Learn Bowling

If your child is interested in learning to bowl, there are some important tips you should keep in mind to help them succeed.

Tip 1: Choose the right shoes

Bowling centers like MAIN EVENT require everyone to wear bowling shoes, so make sure to choose a pair that fits well.

These shoes are designed to slide, so it’s important to have good balance. Consider buying a pair instead of renting to save money in the long run.

Tip 2: Select the right ball

Find a ball that fits your child’s hand and weight preferences. A good fit will help your child control the direction and speed of their shot.

You may want to consider investing in a custom drilled beginner bowling ball.

Tip 3: Use the right weight

Choose a ball that isn’t too heavy or too light. A ball that’s too light won’t knock down as many pins, but a ball that’s too heavy will be difficult for smaller children to control.

A ball with the right weight will give your child the right combination of control and power.

Tip 4: Use the lane arrows for aiming

The lane has arrows about 15 feet past the foul line that are designed to help with aiming. Beginners should use these arrows instead of just looking at the pins.

Every fifth board has an arrow, so use these to make adjustments and improve accuracy.

Tip 5: Use the approach markers

The approach markers are another tool to help with aiming. They allow your child to begin their bowling approach in the same position each time, making it easier to be consistent.

Adjust the length of the approach as needed to finish near but not over the foul line.

Tip 6: Start in the right place on the approach

Starting too far back on the approach will make the game harder. The approach isn’t oiled unlike the lanes. Encourage your child to start in the right place on the approach.

Tip 7: Learn basic timing

Consistent timing is important for throwing the ball in the same direction every time. The five-step approach is typical, but beginners may want to start with a four-step approach to make it a bit easier.

Tip 8: Use bumpers for young children

Young children may find it hard to keep the ball on the lane. Many bowling alleys have bumpers that will help the ball bounce back onto the lane, making it easier for your kids to hit some pins and have a more enjoyable experience.

Tip 9: Don’t cross the foul line

This is an obvious rule, but it’s also a safety tip. The oil on the lanes is incredibly slippery and can cause accidents for beginners who cross the foul line.

To add, you should also teach your child to wait for the lanes on either side of your lane to be clear of bowlers. This is not only a safety tip, but it’s also a courtesy to other bowlers.

Check this adorable video of a little kid who absolutely enjoys bowling:

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