What are Some Great Mechanics for a Bowling & Drinks Night?

Bowling is one fun sport to play. It’s always exciting as every throw comes with a good deal of anticipation of how many pins you can knock down. Even veteran or even professional bowlers are subjected to this thrill, so imagine how exciting that can be for a newbie or a non-professional bowler.

Another thing that makes bowling fun is the fact that you can drink while playing. You don’t have to play this sport sober because consuming alcoholic beverages are very much allowed in bowling alleys. So much so that some places embraced the identity altogether, as evidenced by the name of Bowlero Lanes & Lounge.

For most folks, their favorite bowling alleys are not just for throwing some balls and playing bowling. It’s also a great place to hang out, knock back a few drinks, and maybe even meet new people.

Speaking of drinking while bowling, it’s also a thing for people to conduct drinking games while bowling. Some call it drunk bowling, others boozy bowling. It’s up to you what you want to call it as long as the activity involves drinking alcohol while playing a few games of bowling. 

If you want to give it a go, keep reading as we talk about the connection of drinking and bowling and give you a lowdown on some of the best playing rules lots of people use when they do some boozy bowling.

Why are Bowlers Allowed to Drink?

You might be wondering, how come you can drink and play bowling at the same time? Isn’t it unsafe since you’ll be wielding a heavy object?

Drinking and bowling goes a while back when bowling became a popular pastime among Americans. Before the Prohibition era, many bowling alleys were also venues for some gambling. As what can be expected, alcoholic beverages were served in such places.

Bowling alleys continued to function as such even during the Prohibition era. Despite the crackdowns on establishments that serve booze, bowling alleys skirted the rules. They easily doubled as speakeasies and provided various kinds of entertainment to patrons. 

But since bowling alleys were already associated with drinking and gambling, the industry decided to make a few changes to step away from the said connections. From the Nine Pin format, they added another pin and created Ten Pin bowling. This is the format that is still used today and helped bowling alleys circumvent Prohibition laws.

With this kind of history, it can be said that bowling certainly has close connections with drinking. They generally did away with gambling, however, so that’s a big change. What remained is the combination of bowling and drinking alcohol.

Best Rules for Booze/Drunk Bowling

Ready to try out some drinking bowling games? Here are a few sample mechanics that you can give a go on your next trip to a nearby AMF or Dave and Busters.

“Making Rules”

If you want to be a bit spontaneous about your game, this would be fun to try. This will involve a player who got two consecutive strikes. They can then choose to give 20 sips or seconds of drinking to any other player or players or opt to make up a rule. 

If the second option is chosen, the made up rule should only be applicable to everyone and not directed to a specific player. It will then be in effect until another player gets two strikes in a row..

“Drink per Hit”

This will require players to take a shot or sip for every pin that’s left standing on their first roll and take two shots or sips for every pin left standing after the second roll. If they get a spare, they get to choose who will take a shot but if they get a strike, everyone will buy the player drinks. If it’s a gutterball, the player ‘waterfalls’, if it’s a blank frame, they waterfall twice.

“Pitcher Perfect”

In case nearly all of the players got a strike in any frame, the player who did not get a strike will buy a pitcher of drink for the  group to share.

“Buzz Words”

This game is like a traditional drinking game but instead of waiting for a show or movie to say a specific word or phrase, the players choose which words will be their ‘buzz words’. It can be just about any word and every time someone says the word, the player who said it will take a shot or sip of their drink.

“Bowl Well, Drink Well”

If the goal for your bowling night is to get pretty drunk, this is a drinking game that you should try. For every strike, everyone drinks. If it’s a spare or if the player was able to knock all ten pins, they get to drink. If the player hits a split, everyone finishes their drinks. If it’s a gutter ball, the player downs their drink. 

Best Drinks to Enjoy While Bowling

Here’s another fun thing about bowling alleys: a lot of them don’t just sell bottled alcoholic drinks. A lot of them have well-equipped bars and may even offer some fun cocktails. This is why you’ll very likely get a lot of options on your night out.

Which ones should you try? Here are a few of our suggestions:

Your favorite beer

Beer bowling is definitely a thing, so why not opt for your favorite if they’re available where you’re bowling. You can usually choose from tap or craft beer and decide how much alcohol content you’ll consume. If you opt for something with low ABV, you’ll be able to pace yourself nicely and get that nice buzz as the game heats up.

White Russian

Why not opt for the favorite drink of one of the world’s most famous fictional bowlers: The Dude? Like what he said, there’s a lot more fun to be had with a White Russian than other cocktails, so it’s a solid choice. A lot of bowling alleys also tend to have it on the menu because of the movie.

The bowling alley’s bestseller

To get a good feel of the bowling alley you’re in, you can also try out their bestselling cocktail. If you’re in a boutique venue, you’re sure to get something fancy. If you’re in a more regular spot, you can be surprised with what you’ll get.

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