How Much Fun Can You Get at a Bowling Alley?

No matter how fun your group of friends may be, sometimes you can still run out of ideas of what to do together. There are also times that everyone has a different suggestion and not everyone wants to compromise.

On such occasions, heading to a bowling alley can be the perfect middle ground for everyone. Why? Because bowling alleys are generally fun places. They now offer a wide range of activities so everyone will find something they can enjoy.

If you’ve never been in a bowling alley before, here are a few activities you’ll be able to try:

1. A few games of bowling

Being a bowling alley, the main activity here is bowling. This classic game may not seem like the most exciting out there but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. A lot of younger folks may think that it’s outdated and too old-fashioned but they’re bound to change their minds once they start walking down the approach area.

What a lot of people don’t know about bowling is that it’s a challenging sport. Just because it only really requires players to throw a ball and wait for it to hit the pins, it already seems easy for many. They’d think that it’s boring and not thrilling. However, once you’re there in the bowling alley, your opinion is bound to change.

Bowling games are always fun by themselves. Even as a beginner, you’re bound to have some fun throwing some balls, especially with friends. Every turn will have you making an effort and anticipating results and a positive turnout will always be satisfying.

Some friendly competition will also get hearts pumping. This is particularly true if almost everyone in your group are newbies in the game. It’s always fun to see who has the best throwing techniques, aim, and overall luck.

With some friendly banter and a good dose of laughter, you won’t notice the evening fly by when in a bowling alley.

2. Billiards and arcade games

Aside from bowling, you can also play billiards and arcade games in a bowling alley. Major chains like AMF offer other activities on site so you always have options. If you don’t want to play bowling or you’re tired from getting all gutter balls, you can always just opt to play billiards, air hockey, or even some video games instead. 

These features add a whole different dimension to bowling alleys. They make them a lot more family friendly as they get to offer more ways to have fun. 

So if you can’t agree with your friends where to go when planning a night out, you can take such spots into consideration. If you want to go out with the whole family or host an exciting birthday party that will provide a great time to guests of all ages, a bowling alley can do the trick.

3. Some drinks

Another reason why bowling alleys are so fun is the fact that they serve alcohol. This is one odd thing about these establishments. Usually, people are not encouraged to consume alcohol while playing a sport but that’s not the case with bowling.

Sure, you can enjoy a few beers while watching a baseball game or a football game but there are only a few sports that you can enjoy while downing an alcoholic beverage. 

For bowling, things can get a lot more exciting once you’re getting a bit drunk. Some even think that bowling is only worth playing when you’re having two to three bottles of beer. That’s not necessarily true but things can be funnier in a bowling alley when everyone is starting to get tipsy.

Interestingly, it’s not just conventional, commercially available drinks that you can get at bowling alleys. A lot of these places upped their game and can now easily rival your local bar. Many like the Bowlero Lanes & Lounge also serve cocktails so you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink while you throw some balls.

On some occasions, you can also play a drinking bowling game with your pals. This type of bowling is known by different names: ‘booze bowling’, ‘beer bowling’, ‘drunk bowling’, and many others. The rules vary but the goal is the same: down a few glasses or bottles and have a great time.

4. Some food

Last but not least, bowling alleys also serve some food. The menu varies from place to place, ranging from bar chow to actual pizza. This is why, if you and your friends are torn between going to a bar and dining out, a bowling alley would be the perfect compromise. It’s even better because it adds another enjoyable element that’s worth considering: a host of fun activities. 

Granted, not all bowling alleys have in-house restaurants so they may not always have the best tasting or the highest quality of food but it doesn’t mean that they’re all bad. Some bowling alleys actually have a very impressive kitchen. Stars and Strikes even has a gourmet restaurant menu which is sure to satisfy your cravings, hunger, and appetite.

So if you want a good meal and a fun time on your night out, you can look for such places.

5. Private events

Lastly, if you want a fun party, you can also host private events at bowling alleys. These places can help you throw all sorts of bashes – from kiddie parties to stag nights. You can rent the entire place for an evening or reserve a few lanes and the arcade for a couple of hours. It’s all up to what you have in mind.

So the next time you want to do something fun that will cater to everyone’s idea of a great time, check out an amazing bowling alley in your area. You’re bound to get a good dose of excitement there.

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