How to Prevent Bowling Injuries

A lot of people like bowling, so it is no surprise that Dave & Busters is almost always filled with adults, teens, and kids. While bowling is a fun, recreational activity, you could still suffer injuries if you’re not careful.

Potential Bowling Injuries

Bowling has you throwing a ball on a rather slick surface, so injuries can occur. Among the risks associated with it are:

  • Back injury caused by using a ball that’s too heavy
  • The ball accidentally falling on your feet
  • Losing control over the ball and getting struck
  • Your fingers get stuck because it is too small
  • Slipping and falling on the lane

These injuries are rare but they can happen and when they do it can lead to complications. Fortunately there are ways to deal with it. Whether you’re a long time bowler or a new player, the following tips should be kept in mind.

Wear the Proper Clothing

Put on comfortable clothes. Wear bowling shoes so you don’t slip. Don’t wear ordinary shoes since they’re not strong enough to protect your toes in case you drop the ball.

If you’ve got long hair, tie it so the strands don’t get entangled with the ball. Do not put your hand in the retriever. Keep your head and other body parts away from it.

Do not go into the bowling lane and do not go over the foul line. All bowling alleys forbid it as the floor is slippery. You could fall and hurt yourself so steer clear.

Running in a bowling alley is a bad idea, particularly the tile or close to the lanes. The surfaces there are slippery and could lead to injuries.

Use only a ball you’re comfortable with. Use only bowling balls you can lift and throw comfortably. Picking the right size is necessary to prevent back, finger, hand or wrist injury

Do not stand behind another person as he or she is bowling. You’ll be a distraction or accidentally hit the person.

Last but not the least, follow the rules in the bowling alley. The regulations may vary from location to location so don’t assume that because it applies to one it is accepted in the others


Bowling is n activity that you can play for fun or master it like a professional. Whatever the case may be, you can avoid a lot of the potential injuries by following the simple guidelines above.

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