How to Avoid Back Pain When Bowling

Bowling is good exercise, but how do you avoid back pain? If you spend hours bowling at Uptown Alley, won’t it have an ill effect on your body? While this is a low risk, low injury sport, you might experience back pains if you’re not careful. Here’s how you can keep playing and remain pain free.

Proper Posture

The key to avoiding back pain is to practice proper posture. There are specific steps to holding and releasing the ball. The hook shot and straight need to be done correctly, and if you do it right there won’t be any issues with your back.

The Right Bowling Ball Size

There is no need to use the biggest bowling ball. Lighter bowling balls can be just as effective as the key is the way you throw the ball.  Avoid using balls that are too heavy as it’s going to put a lot of strain on your back.

Size aside you also need to make sure the holes are the right size for your fingers. Your fingers need to be secure so the ball does not slip from your hands. As long as the ball is secure in your hands you won’t have issues with the grip.

Strength Training

It’s a good idea to do workouts and exercise to strengthen your back. Focus on the upper and lower back so you’ll be able to handle the twists and bends. By doing workouts that target your back, you’ll provide it with sufficient strength and develop resistance. If you’re not sure how to proceed, get a personal trainer.

Back Support

If you have just recovered from a back injury, consider wearing back support like a corset. This will provide support for your muscles and spine, enabling you to bowl without feeling any pain.  

Another benefit of having a back support is you’ll be reminded of why you’re wearing it in the first place. This allows you to be careful and not get too excited when you’re bowling. It is easy to get carried away especially if you’re on a roll, so a having that support serves as a friendly reminder that you’re still recovering.


Bowling will have you twisting and bending, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with back pain. Even if you have suffered a back injury, the proper posture and approach will ensure you won’t be putting undue pressure on your spine.

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