Are Bowling Alleys Reopening for the Summer?

According to statistics, there are about 46 million people in the US who play bowling on a regular basis. This is why, for decades, bowling is considered as one of the top pastimes in the country. Especially since this number is already almost half of the total players globally.

Unfortunately, bowling numbers are on a steady decline over the years. Gone were the days when it was the go-to activity on the weekends. It really didn’t help that the pandemic struck and forced bowling alleys to close shop for months on end.

To be fair, like cinemas, arcades, and other leisure facilities, bowling is not alone in being considered as a non-essential activity. Sure, it’s a sport and a form of exercise but there are possible alternatives if you need physical activity. 

Bowling alleys tend to be very conducive for viral transmissions since it’s in an indoor space with lots of touchpoints. The balls themselves are prone to retaining and transferring viruses as many people share them. As they also require users to stick their fingers into specific holes to hold the ball, it’s really among the last things medical experts will want the public to do during the height of the health crisis.

Safe Summer Reopening

Thanks to the recent advances in addressing the pandemic, the country is slowly going back to normal. Businesses are opening, even the non-essential ones so it can also be expected for bowling lanes to resume operations. 

If you’re thinking twice about going to your local bowling alley to enjoy a game or two with friends, don’t fret. While this sport is best known for using shared equipment, the operators of such venues are very well aware of the dangers that come with the setup.

In fact, even before the pandemic hit, most alleys have been quite strict when it comes to cleanliness. Sure, the carpets may not seem spotless but they have always taken steps to disinfect the items that players use.

Based on how most bowling alleys operated last summer, these venues seem like they’re ready to get back on the game already. Most venues like Brunswick and Bowlero already started taking measures like keeping house balls behind the counter to limit the number of people who will touch them before they’re chosen to be used for a game. Rental shoes are also getting more cleaning and disinfecting using some heavy-duty cleaning solution.

Getting Bowlers Back to the Lanes

According to operators, quite a few bowlers already came back to play when they reopened last summer. These are the more avid players, the ones who often play as a part of a league. They are the ones who often come in with their families, friends, and teammates to enjoy a few games or throw some practice balls regularly. 

What alleys are still not getting much of are the casual players who come to chill, attend a birthday party, or have a fun date night. This is considered as the long-term goal for many bowling alleys and it might take a while for efforts to come to fruition. Hopefully, this summer, more folks consider spending time in one. 

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