Tips for Releasing a Bowling Ball

It takes more than knowledge of Brunswick bowling prices to maximize your bowling experience, as you also need to focus on your release techniques. How you move your wrist and hand have a significant effect on the ball, so practice is necessary.

The Approach

Releasing the ball in a standalone manner isn’t very effective. It’s better to release in a smooth manner with a unified stroke. As you walk to the foul line, you’ll want to swing your arm back and forth.

When you get to the end of the foul line – careful not to step over – slide your foot and set the ball low close to your leg. Once you’ve taken the last step, ensure your toes point forward.

The Release

How you release the ball has a huge impact in the way it rolls and hits the pins. The first thing you have to do is remove your thumb from the ball slot followed by your ring and middle fingers. This should be immediately after removing your thumb from the slot.

Your arm and wrist have to be straight as the ball is released. Make sure your arm doesn’t swing side to side. Your shoulders have to be straight and pointed forwards. As your fingers come out of the slot and swing, don’t forget the follow through.

After you’ve swung the ball and it’s rolling in the lane, keep your arm and body in the swing position. Your arm should be pointed at the target. Square your shoulder during the release.

Releasing a Hook

A smooth stroke and correct timing are essential, but your motion will be a bit different with a hook. After removing your thumb off the slot, turn your forearm a little as opposed to having it straight.

When removing your ring and middle fingers, raise them and set to the side of the ball. Your follow through for the hook should look like you’re doing a handshake. For lefties your motion should be clockwise and counterclockwise if you’re right handed.

The key to any bowling technique is practice. You have to make sure to get the form right and then work on perfecting the method.


How you release the ball makes the difference between a strike and landing in the gutter. So the next time you check Bowlmor prices think also of the type of ball you’re going to use and your techniques.

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