Mesquite Bowling Team Clutch Work Leads to League Title

Mesquite Bowling Team Clutch Work Leads to League Title

The Wednesday Men’s League 2021-22 season began in September last year and the crowd favorite Mitchell Farmers Insurance team was once again hailed as league champion.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since the team is led by deuce average bowler Doug Love and also boasts of excellent members including first-rate bowlers Max Burgess, Ken Kaylor and David Houghton.

But one thing we need to realize is that this isn’t a scratch league, and losing a lot of the season’s close games put the kibosh on a 2-peat settling for 6th place.

The hard work of an 84-game season is succeeded by a three game roll off of the regular season’s top two teams to see which one brings home the championship trophy.

Remarkably, both teams were still tied after game 3. The majority’s favorite in this 4th game was the Colonial Management team of Paul LeVan, Ken Meacham, Doug Schaan, and John Hollaway who happens to be one of the top bowlers in Mesquite.

But in a surprising development that many of us never thought would happen when the season started, the Country Club of the World team got to the league championship by winning all 10 points in the overtime game.

Thomas Stark along with his teammates Jake Noll, Skip Hayzlett, Ted Carter and Phil Goulding were also first-timers in the league this season.

We’re all excited to see what comes next, after seeing what happened to Mitchell Farmers Insurance team. Will Stark continue to motivate his team to win another championship in this year’s season?

Mitchell Farmers Insurance team’s anchor bowler Doug Love improved the scoring pace in the league by shooting one of two 700 series scores, a 704. He raised his average to 205 after throwing in a 236, a 204 and 22 strikes.

Love served for 23 years in the United States Air Force and then ran a business in Anchorage, and moved to Mesquite. He’s been here since the start of the 2009-10 season.

Dan Aslin (676-258) served up some good scores with 22 strikes, and Louis Delisio (626-223, 222, 181) has been a great addition to this bowling season with his competitive scores.

Al Gans (624-237) who has earned 13 300 games bowled in several bowling centers rolled his 600 for the nth time, while  Darren Simonds (613) rolled his umpteenth which is impressive considering this is his first time to bowl in Mesquite.

Here’s hoping Dave Maves (604-229) rolls his 3rd Mesquite 300. Maves and Frank Addamo his doubles partner are currently tied for 3rd place in 22 Southern Nevada Senior Doubles Tournament scoring a total of 1,833 in Division C held in Sin City.

Ken Kaylor (602-246) scratched out another 600, Steve Roberts (596-222) missed another 600 after achieving first at the start of the season.

Harvey Scow (586-212) who’s propelled by a 234, missed out on adding to his Mesquite 600’s, Juan Morgana’s (578) who is targeting a 600 got a clean 198 and spares, and Angel Hernandez (520) tossed his first 500, and a 192.

Randy Henderson and Michael Donovan booked a 201, and Mike Ramirez rolled a 191.

On the women’s side, Sandy Sheppard’s 242, 202 and 196 put a bow on her 2021-22 season while grabbing points on 13-of-14 non-split spares.

Both she and her husband Dean are currently in 2nd place in the 2022 Southern Nevada Senior Doubles Tournament Division C with a total score of 1,888.

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