Making More Strikes And Less Spares

If your bowling scores at Bowlmor aren’t anything to write home about, then it’s time to start rethinking your attitude toward the game! You can turn your spares into strikes with the following tips that even beginners can follow – and, yes, these tips were also provided by the experts who have elevated their game, too.

Adopt a Flexible Approach

Keep in mind that every lane is unique from the type of wood used to the amount of oil applied. The latter has more effect on your scores because oil will affect the ball’s friction with the lane. Plus, there’s the fact that the oil pattern on a particular lane will change during the game.

The lesson: Adapt your approach depending on the amount of oil on the lane. You should also change your ball, if necessary, for this reason.

Choose the Right Pocket

Hitting a strike partly depends on angling the ball toward the so-called pocket in the pins. The actual pocket depends on your bowling hand:

  • Aim for the pocket between the one-pin and three-pin if you’re a right-handed bowler.
  • Aim for the pocket between the one-pin and two-pin if you’re a left-handed bowler.

It will take practice but when you aim for the right pocket, your chances of hitting successive strikes increase.

Aim for the Arrow

While the pins are the target, these shouldn’t be your focus either. We suggest picking one of the arrows in the lane’s middle and aiming for the ball to roll over it. This is because most oil in the lane is in its middle so when you throw the ball on the outside, you are giving it more traction.

The particular arrow will depend on your throwing hand, too. Righties should aim for the second arrow from the right while lefties should aim for the second arrow from the left. It’s easy to remember: Right for right, left for left.

Pick a Lighter Ball

This may seem counterintuitive but think about it: Getting a strike means that the pins hit each other instead of flying up in the air, and light balls do the job. Besides, you will likely have more control over a lighter ball so there’s no shame in using it, especially when you’re aiming for strikes.

Of course, you have to adopt the proper stance when throwing the ball, as well as grip the ball in your hands in the right manner. You have to remember and apply the basics of bowling before you can start hitting strikes ala Paeng Nepomuceno.

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