How to Pick the Right Bowling Ball

As you go over the different Round 1 Bowling prices you’re going to see their various bowling balls. As any bowler will tell you, the ball you use makes a huge difference in terms of score and results, so choose wisely.


The rule of thumb that most bowlers go for is, get a ball 10% of your body weight up to 16 lbs max. Most professional bowlers go for 16 pound balls, though some utilize 15 pound balls. You can also add a pound or two to the weight of the bowling ball you usually use.

These are just guidelines of course, as you also need to consider how comfortable you’ll be.  Just pick the heaviest ball you can lift and release.

Cover Stock

This refers to the material on the ball’s outer surface. This is very important because the material determines how the ball reacts to the bowling lane’s surface.

There are three types available: reactive resin, urethane and polyester or plastic. Plastic/polyester is ideal if you bowl straight. It’s the most affordable but also the least versatile.

Reactive resin and urethane are ideal if you like to throw hooks. Urethane and reactive resin bowling balls grip the lane surface better than polyester. Reactive resin is better at cutting the oil without excessive hooking like. Most pro bowlers also point out that reactive resin offers more potential for strikes, but it also comes down to your release.

Choosing a Bowling Ball

Once you’ve got an idea of what bowling ball to use you can shop for one online or in a bowling store. There are a lot of different bowling balls but you just need to tell the shop operator what type of bowling ball you’re looking for and they can get it for you.

Prices vary though for beginners you’ll do fine with polyester. When you’re ready to expand your skill set you can go for urethane or reactive resin.  

Drilled vs Pre-Drilled

Pre-drilled bowling balls are available, but you can also get a bowling ball custom drilled so it fits your fingers exactly. Getting the ball drilled to suit your specs will give you more control and reduce the possibility of an injury.


Usually when we look up Bowlmor prices and specs the one thing we look at is the weight. While the ball’s size is important you also need to consider other features such as those mentioned above.

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