Grip, Stance And Address: The Trinity Of Bowling

Even beginners in bowling agree that getting the grip, stance and address right is the foundation of effective bowling. The right beginning will set the stage for the right ending – getting all the pins down – thus the importance of mastering these three aspects first.

Get the Right Grip

The bowling ball must be gripped properly since the grip will determine whether you can release it with the right force and in the right direction. First, place your thumb in its thumb hole so that your thumb rests comfortably yet deeply in it.

Rest your fingers on the ball so that you have a comfortable hold. The first joints of your third and middle fingers should only extend about ¼-inch past the finger holes.

Place your fingers on the finger holes but don’t raise your thumbs while doing so. Crook your little finger, if necessary, which will increase your accuracy, prevent “turning the ball” during release, and relieve strain on your fingers.

Adopt the Right Stance

The stance, or start, in bowling is important, too, because of its critical function in locating your starting position and addressing your target. Keep these tips in mind for a better stance:

  • Stand behind the 12-foot marker.
  • Position your left foot in front of your right foot but only slightly.
  • Keep your tie in a direct line, or as much as you can estimate it, with the third pin (i.e., #3 pin).
  • Support the ball with your left hand, if you’re hitting with your right hand, so there will be lesser strain.
  • Keep your eyes on the target and your shoulders parallel with the foul line.

You may have to move a few boards, anywhere between three and five, to either your left or right for your strike shot. Just be sure that your left foot isn’t to the left side of the head pin lest you miss your shot.

Get the Address Right

Keep in mind that there’s little to no opportunity in correcting mistakes once you and the ball are in motion during the address. There should then be no missteps at this point whether you’re a beginner or a veteran.

  • Keep your weight on your right foot.
  • While supporting the ball with your left hand, left it above eye level.
  • Move the ball to your right so your right arm is both parallel with and close to your side.
  • Lean slightly forward as you lower the ball to its starting position and shift your weight to your left foot.
  • Check that your right arm will have freedom to swing like a pendulum.

And now you are ready for your approach but that’s another story that you and your buddies at All Star Bowling can discuss.

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