Great Bowling Ball Cleaners for 2022

Great Bowling Ball Cleaners for 2022

Every real bowling fan knows that they really should clean their bowling balls regularly, to get rid of the accumulated dirt and oil on the ball surface. Usually, this means submerging the bowling ball in a mix of detergent and water. But here are some bowling ball cleaners can do the job better without damaging your bowling ball:

Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner

This is one of the bowling ball cleaners approved by the USBC, so you know it’s good. It works well for all types of coverstock materials, including reactive basin, urethane, or plastic. This can prolong the lifespan of the ball, and restore the tack.

All you need to do is to spray on the cleaner, and then leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes to let it work its magic. Then you just wipe it down with a towel to wipe off the oil and dirt. Your purchase even includes the microfiber towel you need to wipe the ball down.

This is great and easy to use, and it doesn’t leave a residue. You might have to do the process twice to get rid of scuff marks, though.

Pyramid Monster Tac Ball Cleaner

This is a portable spray you can use when you’re playing at a bowling alley like Bowlero. It doesn’t have any chemicals that may damage the bowling lane, and you can use it for any lane regardless of the oil level on those lanes.

The company that makes this cleaner was founded by bowlers, so they know what they’re all about. Their focus is making premium products for bowlers at affordable prices. This cleaner is also USBC-approved.

This is easy enough to apply and remove. You just have to spray it, though be careful as it can get a bit messy. It gets rid of oil and belt marks in just a few minutes. It works for all bowling balls, and for all types of coverstock materials. This comes in a small size so it fits nicely in your bowling bag.

Storm Reacta Foam Bowling Ball

If you find some ball cleaners rather difficult to apply, then try this one. This uses an innovative foam dispenser so you can just apply it directly to your bowling ball. That means you save a lot of the product, as you’re not just spraying the stuff into the air.

This really performs well in getting rid of the dirt and oil from your ball, though you may have to use more of it to get rid of scuff marks. It lasts a long time because you don’t waste the product, and the cleaner is also easy enough to carry in your bag.

Hammer Remove All Ball Cleaner

If you have a plastic bowling ball and you want a cleaner specifically for plastic balls, this is it. This works effectively not just for dirt and oil, but also to get rid of belt marks and scuff marks. It’s also USBC-approved, and you can use it while playing in competitions.

It doesn’t just polish the ball, but it also leaves the surface somewhat tacky so you get more effective hooks. This works nicely for plastic, premium urethane, and reactive bowling balls.

There’s a small size (8-ounce) bottle for use in the bowling alleys, though you can get the bigger 32-ounce bottle for home cleaning. This also comes with a free microfiber towel, so you can just wipe down the ball if it’s too sticky afterwards. You don’t spray this on the ball, as you just pour a little bit of the cleaner on the towel and then you can wipe the ball down.

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