A Bowler’s Checklist

Getting ready to play at Brunswick? Before you head out, here is a handy checklist that can improve your game. To be a successful bowler you’ve got to pay attention to all the details including the little ones, so don’t neglect these aspects. All right, let’s get started.


Get a bowling ball you’re comfortable with, one that isn’t too heavy but not too light either. Whether it is one at the alley or one you purchased it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with it. Apart from the ball make sure you’ve got a comfortable pair of shoes as well.

Starting Position

Throw the ball in the same starting spot. This is going to help a lot in terms of improving your consistency. The more consistent your game is the greater the possibility of hitting strikes.

Position and timing go hand in hand. Each step you take needs to correspond with the wing and release of the ball. You’re off to a good start if you get the timing correct.

Wrist and Hand Positioning

Your wrist and hand should be firm throughout the shot. If you’re throwing a straight, keep your wrist and hand straight. If you’re throwing a hook rotate your wrist and hand as you backswing the ball. As your hand assumes the handshake position release the ball.

Approach is Key

All the major components like power, strength, timing, speed, steps and hand wrist coordination must come together. This is the key to developing a good approach. Master your approach and you’ve taken a solid step to getting improving your game.

The Follow Through

Complete your shot by releasing the ball as it goes past your ankles. Next, raise your arm around to shoulder height and that’s it, your shot’s done. Keep your hand palm up or in the handshake position depending on the shot you took.


Ball speed varies though most find 16 mph ideal. But you’ll find the right speed based on your own approach.

Focus on the Marks

Do not focus on the pins. Keep your eyes on the lane marks as they’re designed to guide the ball in the pocket.


Bowling is more than just throwing the ball down and trying to knock pins. You have to consider other factors such as speed, angles, strength and precision. With this checklist you’ll never be caught unprepared the next time you’re in a bowling alley.

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