Lane 7 Pricing Made Easy

Updated: December 30, 2023

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Lane 7 is a UK-based entertainment venue that offers a unique and exciting experience for people of all ages. Whether you are looking for a fun night out with friends or a memorable family day, Lane 7 has something for everyone. From bowling to mini-golf, arcade games, and even karaoke, Lane 7 provides an immersive and enjoyable environment that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

Here’s a list of Lane 7 bowling prices: (United Kingdom)



Per Person, Per Game

Peak (Thursday - Saturday)£9.15
Off Peak (Sunday - Wednesday)£7.25
Kids & Nus£7.00

Duck Pin Bowling

Per Person, Per Game

Peak (Thursday - Saturday)£8.95
Off Peak (Sunday - Wednesday)£7.00
Bowl & Bowl Again£12.00

Cricket Batting Net

30 Mins£20.00

60 Mins

Peak (Thursday - Saturday)£55.00
Off Peak (Sunday - Wednesday)£35.00

90 Mins

Peak (Thursday - Saturday)£80.00
Off Peak (Sunday - Wednesday)£55.00


Maximum Capacity is 12 Guests, Price Will Be Capped At 10 Guest (Max Cost € 70.00 Per Hour)

Peak (Thursday - Saturday)£7.00
Off Peak (Sunday - Wednesday)£5.00


Per Tabel

60 Mins£12.00
90 Mins£18.00

Ping Pong

One Tabel For 30Mins£7.00
One Tabel For 1 Hour£12.00


Peak (Thursday - Saturday)£20.00
Off Peak (Sunday - Wednesday)£15.00

Beer Pong

Per Table, Per Hour

Table Only£2.50

About Lane 7

If you’re planning a visit to Lane 7, you may be wondering about the prices. While we can’t disclose the actual prices, we can tell you that Lane 7 offers great value for money. They provide a range of packages and discounts to help you save money while still enjoying all the activities they have to offer.

One of the unique features of Lane 7 is their emphasis on customer service. From the moment you enter the venue, you will be greeted by friendly and helpful staff who are dedicated to making your experience as enjoyable as possible. They are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and to ensure that you have a fantastic time.

Another great thing about Lane 7 is their commitment to providing a safe and clean environment. They have implemented strict health and safety measures to ensure that their guests can enjoy their activities with peace of mind. They also regularly clean and sanitize all their equipment to maintain a hygienic environment.

In conclusion, Lane 7 is a fantastic entertainment venue that offers a unique and enjoyable experience for all. While we can’t disclose the actual prices, we can assure you that Lane 7 offers great value for money. With their friendly staff, commitment to customer service, and focus on safety and cleanliness, Lane 7 is the perfect destination for a fun day out.

For more information about Lane 7 Bowling, visit their official website.